What is ISRA?

A house of Allāh ﷻ, built by the youth. 


ISRA is the first musallah built and led by American-born and raised youth, putting those who know the issues in charge of the solutions.

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Young Muslims are the best at understanding the struggles they face when it comes to feeling included in the mosque. The highest priority at ISRA is listening to our community and providing them with the services they need. Having a youth-led space ensures that everyone is heard, and no one is turned away. This is the first Masjid our generation has built and operated in DFW.

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As part of ISRA's mission, we provide a safe space for our sisters in the community who feel alienated in masjids. Women's programming is curated by our Nafisah branch and is geared towards teaching men and women about their contributions to Islam. Furthermore, we provide opportunities and accessibility to female scholars of Islam to raise community awareness.





Coming Soon Inshā’Allāh