Islamic Science and Research Academy, ISRA, is an academic institute founded on the desire to properly educate Muslims in Islamic studies, produce and support religious scholars, provide resources and programs for the Muslim-American community and build bridges amongst the communities in which we live in. ISRA foundation was founded in 2015 by Mufti Mohammed Wasim Khan and began as an online initiative, but has now evolved into an organization with a diverse academic presence by the will of Allah subhanawata’ala.


  • Provide authentic and reliable Islamic education to any student willing to learn
  • Create opportunities for all members of the ummah to learn and grow through seminars, online courses, 1-day programs, intensive programs, etc.
  • Develop and empower the youth to become the next generation of scholars
  • Support local and international scholars
  • Develop and emphasize the importance of adab and akhlaq to all students


The vision of ISRA is to support and foster the intellectual development of the Muslim community through traditional and contemporary teaching methods in order to build and equip the scholars of tomorrow, InshaAllah.