Shaykh Mustaqeem Paulse

Moulana Mustaqeem Paulse was born in Cape Town, South Africa.

In 2008 he completed his memorization of the Quran in Johannesburg at Darul Uloom Zakariya. He graduated under Mufti Taha Karan at the Darul Uloom in Cape Town (al-Arabia al-Islamia) with an Alimiyyah degree in 2015. Additionally he taught tajwid, qira'at and Ulumul Qur’an at the same institute. Moulana Mustaqeem Paulse received Sanad and Ijaza in the Ashara Sughara qirāt via the Shātibiyyah as well as the four anomalous readings (Shāath Qirāt) by world renowned Qari Moulana Saliem Gabie.

His written works includes the translation of “The Legacy of Qāri Ayyūb”; a discourse on the principles of the Shāṭibiyyah – a commentary on the famous Shāṭibiyyah written collectively with Afḍal Hatia, Ibrāhīm Darries and Luqmān Ben.

Moulana Mustaqeem Paulse is currently an Ustadh at Madrasa Tul Ahlil Quran. He is a member of ICONS (Imamat Council Of Northern Suburbs). He is also actively involved in community work and youth development programs, whilst being an Imam in his local area.