Qari Umar BaSheikh 

Qari Umar BaSheikh was born in Mombasa, Kenya Yemeni descent. His mother tongue is Arabic. He started Hifz at the age of 8 in Nairobi Hifz boarding, completed at 11. He participated in various Qira'ah and Qur'an competitions in and around Kenya, as well as in South Africa, and alhamdulillah getting first prize. He did Aalim and Sab'a Qira'at in Darul Uloom Zakariyya. He is currently an Imam at Crown Gardens Musallah and a Presenter on Cii Radio. Qari Umar also loves Qiraat, he sings Arabic, Urdu and English Nasheeds as well as lectures in Arabic and English. He can speak Arabic, Swahili, Urdu and English. He is also a Mix Martial Arts teacher and trainer.