ISRA Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established nine years ago with the purpose of bringing Islamic education as well as the concept of Tarbiyyah (spiritual perfection) to the US and beyond. The purpose of our organization is to empower and educate the Ummah, as well as build bridges between our communities and Islamic leaders around the globe. ISRA has worked with leadership across the country to rekindle the love for tradition and scholarship while training youth to become leaders of the community.


It's our goal to build the first masjid designed for and run by youth. The board, scholars, Huffadh, and the volunteers are largely all American-born Muslim youth. May Allah accept and increase the rewards of the sacrifices of our elders who built the Masjids and community centers we see around us. It's time the millennials and generation Z give back to the community by building a safe place for Muslim youth.

Our mission is to unite hearts under the banner of tawhīd and to provide for all students of knowledge, community members and attendees - from regular salahs and webinars, to intellectual discussions and stimulating courses.