ISRA Foundation started 8 years ago as a project to bring Islamic education and Tarbiyyah (spiritual perfection) across the USA and the world. We are dedicated to empowering and educating the Ummah, empowering Muslims and Muslim leadership globally, and building bridges amongst our communities. ISRA has worked with leadership across the country to rekindle the love for tradition and scholarship, while training youth to become leaders of the community.


Our goal is to make the first masjid that is versatile for the youth and by the youth. The board, scholars, Huffadh, and the volunteers are largely all American-born Muslim youth. Our elders have built Masjid's and community centers, May Allah ﷻ accept their sacrifices and increase their rewards. It is time the millennial and generation Z gives back to the community and build a safe place for our Muslim youth.

We strive to unite hearts under the banner of tawhīd and to facilitate for all students of knowledge, attendees and community members the masjid, courses and material - from reminders and webinars, to regular salahs, intellectual discussions and stimulating courses.

We are located at: 

930 West Parker Road #530, Plano, TX


Our Current and Future Programs:


- Arabic - Students around the world study Arabic. Our flagship program can teach students 40% of the Quranic Arabic in just 4 months (taught over 500 students already)

- Full-Time Seminary - Students enroll for a 5-year program that focuses on creating American scholars who are homegrown and taught.


- Weekend Classes - Spiritual classes are provided to help youth increase their knowledge of Islam

- Musalla - Prayer area to give Huffadh an opportunity to lead and preach


- Feeding the hungry - Weekly food distribution for the youth


- Nafisah - ISRA's wing exclusively for Sisters programs

- Daily and weekly Tafsīr

- Weekly Jumu’ah prayer

We have another 5 years to inshAllah pay off our remaining balance ($100,000 a year). By the will of Allah and your generosity, we want to keep spending time in our new home.


Please donate whatever you can. We encourage everyone to be a monthly donor of $100, $50 or $30. Most importantly we request your Duas and participation.